【研討講座】YiLi Chien Senior Economist 演講 (講題: Portfolio Behavior and the Macroeconomy)

日期 : 1060306() 11:10~12:30
地點 : 社科大樓南棟8樓經濟系研討室A

主講 : YiLi Chien  Senior Economist
(Research Division Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
講題 : Portfolio Behavior and the Macroeconomy
大綱 : The recent data finds that many households do not use asset markets as our standard theory would predict: both the extent of the assets they use and how they use these assets differs in important ways. First, many households do not use all of the available assets. Second, even households which hold equities make very few adjustments in their financial positions. Third, many households who do adjust their portfolios seem to systematically mistime the market. This pattern of asset usage by households is potentially important since it creates a form of market segmentation that can have wide-ranging implications for many aspects of predictions on the macreconomy, such as household consumption behavior, the distribution of wealth, and, most directly, asset prices.

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